The Top Spring Outdoor Exercises

It’s the sweet spot for outdoor activities. The snow is just starting to slow down, the close winter sun is shining down hard to give us a bit of warmth without the humidity, and the negative degrees are behind us (depending on where you live). No matter where you’re from, spring exercises are a great way to get motivated to try a workout. Here are our favorite spring exercises.

Getting in that last slope

Hit the slopes one last time before the winter is gone! Lines are not as long and the time is almost up. Check out our blog post about exercises for ski lovers. Exercises made for the slopes are very beneficial for other athletic exercises as well.

Exploring with a Hike

Hiking makes for the perfect outdoor activity for all activity seekers alike. There are plenty of levels of difficulty, whether you want a simple path or rocks to scale the beautiful mother nature will always provide a great workout. Try our hikers stretch and get ready for the adventure.

Get ready to make a splash

Maybe it’s too cold for a swim now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a quick workout for the preparation of summer. Plus, there are plenty of clean public pools that’ll hit the itch of summer swims. Try our workout made especially for swimmers.

All of our workouts are made for anywhere, so yes, you can make any workout accessible outdoors! We encourage it. Try a workout now.

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