Syd Weiler
Aug 28 · 26 min read

In early 2017, the flailing purple bird named ‘Trash Dove’ briefly and violently overtook the internet in a case of extreme social media meme virality.

original pigeon drawings made in Loring Park, Minneapolis
Thai PBS (I still have no idea what this says)
Fanart of me with my birds, sent to me early on —EDIT: Original Drawing from @Magnolia29_ on Twitter!!! They found me!! :D
do i really need to caption this one
s h a k e i t
it was very bad
Knockoff Trash Dove plushies in an Asian UFO machine. Honestly, can anyone find me one of these?
Hope you enjoyed that ad money, fuckers.
sketch made while listening to an IP lawyer talk to a local group of creatives about protecting ourselves and our IP legally online — August, 2019.
novelty promotional doodle, Spring 2017

Two years later, at the tail end of this hot trash season, Trash Doves Summer is now available for download, as I made it back then, with one new addition — a reminder to face things head-on, at least as best you can.

Trash Dove started recognizing boundaries,
felt a lot of Moods and Things,
generally questioned its existence for a bit,
started taking care of itself a bit better,
and started to make sure it was supporting and encouraging its loved ones to do the same.

Love, Trash Doves — A second new sticker set, now available on the iOS App Store (where this whole thing began) is about just that — growth, togetherness, showing and sharing love.



Original (unpublished, ignored) drawing made alongside unpublished abuse response statement, March 2017.

Syd Weiler

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illustrator. pixel witch. she/they 🏳️‍🌈

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