Falling Down

There comes a point in your riding career when you are at the top, but being at the top comes stress and feeling like you have to continue to win. Knowing that it is okay to fall down will help you realize that the ribbon is not important, but that the ride is.

It is okay. Even though you may feel like you have failed not only yourself, your trainers and the people that support you, it happens. We can not always be perfect 24/7, and the biggest step to realizing this is facing our fear of failing and knowing that if it happens, we can come back from it and everything will move on.

It’s just a show. It is important to put horse shows into perspective. Even though this one show may be important to you, it is always good to realize that there will be another show to redeem yourself at. There are multiple shows a month and you can’t beat yourself up over one of them out of the many that you might go to.

Keep trying. Even though you may have failed, this does not mean that you should give up. As long as you keep getting up, going to the barn and working hard, this will help you realize that giving it your best is what matters, and sometimes it is not about the ribbon, but the heart that you have for the sport.