An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Dear TJ

I am sorry you are not living as you dreamed or feel you should be living at age 25. But begging for people to send you money is NOT going to help you. Only YOU can help yourself. You have to be strong and willing to work for your dream life. It is NOT going to be handed to you. You have a lot going for you that others do not have. You stated you have a College degree in English literature. A father that you live close to, a car and until recently a job. No I agree the job doesn’t pay a lot, but no entry level job does. Getting your dream job is a slow and often times hard process.

So here is what you do to help yourself:

1. Sell your car. You stated you can’t afford it, saying you can’t pay for simple repairs, registration and I’m betting, insurance.

2. Cut back on your phone plan/usage. I have a cell phone that only rings. Yes I only use it to make calls, not texting or taking selfies or surf the net. It’s a PHONE and only costs me $35 a month.

3. Get out of your apartment, Move in with your Dad until you can learn how to budget. Franky you make $25,480 a year. (or close to it) Guess what I make only $20,000 a year and I am making it.

4. Get rid of your other non-essential bills. Like your home internet. You CAN live without it, trust me you won’t die and the earth will continue to rotate. (any bill other than utilities, food and housing is non-essential)

5. Get a part-time job to supplement your full time pay. I had a 40-hour week position and a part time position. Yes you will feel you are working all the time. But one does what one has to.

Yes it’s tough, No I can’t run out and in your words “put a bunch of debt on a shiny new credit card”. Cause guess what you have to pay that debt back with interest. That is why I have NO credit cards. I pay everything with cash or I don’t buy it. To get out of debt you have to change your habits and your desires. Yes you may live on rice and beans, but you DO have them to eat. 76% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. 90% buy things they can’t afford.


age 60 and making less than you

(was laid off in 2008 and had to start over)

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