NBA Officiating has a lot of work to do.

Every season so many people debate over how hard NBA players need to work over the offseason. But does anyone ever debate like we think they do over how hard the officials need to work? Even some of the NBA greats have stated that the NBA is going soft due to the officiating. Lets be clear, its not just about the level of physicality anymore, or the not being able to show emotion after you posturize someone, but now its all these questionable and controversial calls. They’re really starting to get out of hand.. There’s a lot of calls that should not be made that are being made, and ones that should be made.. well you know how it goes. Its no secret that 10 or 15 years ago you could get away with a lot more than you can in todays game. But with that being said, its really time for the league to sit down and discuss what the true rules of the NBA are. Players go out every night and play hard, which they are supposed to do, but then lose the game due to bad officiating on KEY plays throughout the game. That is just unacceptable.

This past 2016 NBA Playoffs was one to remember for questionable and controversial calls. The Thunder Spurs series and the Warriors Cavs series were 2 series each with one of the most controversial plays in NBA History. In Game 2 of the thunder spurs series thunder guard Dion Waiters was attempting to inbound the ball when he used his forearm to push Manu Ginobli away to get more space. This was no doubt an illegal move and you didn't have to be a fan on the game to even guess that if you were watching the game. An official was standing 5 feet away clearly staring at Waiters as he extended his forearm but the whistle was not blown. Plays like these are ruining the NBA’s image. Its not just about the officials missing the call or just not wanting to blow the whistle, its more about the time of the game that it was done. If the call had been made which it should have been made, the spurs would’ve have had a chance to inbound the ball an attempt to win the game which they were down by 1 point. Instead they recovered the loose ball from when waiters eventually passed it in but still were not able to set anything up to get a decent shot and lost the game by 1.

In Game 6 of the warriors cavs series warriors point guard Steph Curry received his 6th foul of the game on a play where he was not called for making an attempt to steal the ball but for trying to avoid another player afterwards and clearly holding his hands to show it. Lebron James then flops and forces the whistle to be blown on Curry who then fouled out of the game. Curry then went on to yell at the referee for making the call and then threw his mouthpiece into the stands and was ejected from the game. Steph Curry had his hands full the entire night with the refs receiving his 3rd foul in the 1st half. When asked about the officiating warriors head coach Steve Kerr responded “3 of those fouls were very inappropriate for anyone in the league better yet the MVP of it.” Stephen Curry’s wife even took to Twitter to say that the “NBA is Rigged…” Many fans reacted to this by saying curry’s wife was feeling salty because they were losing, or asked her was it rigged last season when she they won the championship. Yeah that was a bad idea Mrs. Curry. Anyways, Warriors fan or not you have to agree with coach Kerr about the calls that were made on Curry. Coach Kerr referring to them as “touch fouls” that shouldn’t be called on the MVP of the league especially in the NBA Finals. Kerr being a 5x champion knows a little something about the NBA Finals and the physicality of it back when he played alongside the great Michael Jordan.

Even with all the controversy the NBA is still the most popular sport in the world. As a player there is nothing you can really do but go out every night and play hard and just hope the refs don’t make you a victim. Its defiantly time for a rule change even if that means going back to the old school rules a little bit. I'm sure some players and fans would be fine with that. There is now 3 months to the NBA season, and its never to early for a player to start training. I hope the officials think that about themselves too.