City of Sydney want to deny rough sleepers safety and shelter — you can help stop this travesty from home.

The City of Sydney’s latest plot to destabilise the only dedicated Safe Space for Rough Sleepers is evidenced only by some curious facsimiles posted publicly which purport to grant the developers hoardings contractor access to alter the hoarding the #247StreetKitchenSafeSpace nestles below.

If unchallenged, this will exclude not only the 24 7 Street Kitchen Safe Space but also the general public from the space. The development application ( & ) does not show any alienation of public space.

In their haste to dislocate the 24–7 Street Kitchen Safe Space the City of Sydney have quietly circumvented required planning processes (namely a Development Application variation)which would give the public the right to object- particularly to the alienation of public space.

The Sydney 24–7 Street Kitchen Safe Space has NOT received any request from the builder to relocate to expedite their work -or for any other reason.

Nor have we had any concise advice from Council or any other parties.

HOW YOU CAN Help to secure the 24–7 Street Kitchen Safe Space:

Two petitions to sign (both authorised and endorsed by the Safe Space):

Email OR Phone ALL City of Sydney Councillors:

some questions you might ask:

“The Lord Mayors office has asserted that the 24–7 Street Kitchen Safe Space was offered the use of a Community Centre, which Safe Space organiser Lanz Priestley categorically denies. “Which Sydney CBD centre was offered, on what date and by whom??”

“Please advise in relation to the current development application/s for 60 Martin Place by Investa: where is the entitlement to alienate public space or place amenities in public space”

“Were development application notices covering the alienation of public space and giving the public the right to object ever erected? If so when? If not why not?”

“Where can rough sleepers or the general public access unconditional free hot and snack foods and hot drinks 24 hours a day?”

“Which of the City’s partner NGOs provides 24 hour access to clothes and blankets?”

‘If Council is to remove the Martin Place 24/7 Safe space, are Councillors willing to take responsibility for any harm caused to homeless people (such as assaults, robberies, sexual assault or even death as a result of them being forced back into unsafe areas, including compensation.”

Lord Mayor Clover Moore; ph. 02 92659229 email: ph. 92659229

Deputy Lord Mayor Kerryn Phelps ph. 02 9246 7347

Councillor Craig Chung 
Ph. 02 9246 7375 email:

Councillor Christine Forster Ph. 02 9288 5921 email:

Councillor Robert Kok ph. 02 9265 9427 email:

Councillor Jess Miller ph. 02 9246 7501 email:

Councillor Linda Scott ph. 02 9288 5917 email:

Councillor Jess Scully ph. 02 9246 7396 email:

Councillor Philip Thalis ph. 02 9246 7383 email:

Councillor Angela Vithoulkas ph. 02 9288 5909 email:

Pro Bono Legal Help needed:

a) To lay charges in a private prosecution against the City of Sydney CEO and all council employees who participated in the theft of personal and community property in the 4 Council raids on the Martin Place

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