CNA Week 2

Jonathan Falwell Separates Himself from Controversy Regarding Brother Jerry’s Trump Endorsement

Jonathan Falwell, spiritual leader of Thomas Road Baptist Church, has recently released a statement regarding his decision not to endorse any political figures currently running in the 2016 presidential election. The statement was released hours after Falwell’s brother, Jerry Falwell, Jr., officially announced that he was endorsing presidential candidate Donald Trump. Falwell, in his statement, discusses the importance of not pointing the people of his church toward a particular candidate, but rather pointing the people of his weekly congregation to Jesus Christ instead.

Lynchburg Police Continue to Investigate Recent Increase in Burglaries

The Lynchburg Police Department is continuing their investigation of several home burglaries that have occurred around the Dearington neighborhood area. According to officials, there has been a total of 9 burglaries. The breaking and entering offences, which first started in the beginning of January, are believed to be linked.

Lynchburg Vice Mayor, Ceasor Johnson, to Run for Treasurer

Lynchburg’s Vice Mayor, Ceasor Johnson, told ABC 13 News on Monday that he plans to run for city treasurer in the upcoming May election. Johnson told ABC 13 that he ultimately decided not to follow through with seeking re-election to council, when the opportunity to run for treasurer arose. Johnson concluded his statement by stating that he is looking forward to reaching out and serving the citizens in a new way.

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