CNA Week 5

Venezuela taking necessary steps in order to fix economy

After years of raised gasoline prices and the Venezuelan government spending an estimated $12 billion a year to subsidize gasoline, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has declared long-awaited economic reforms. On Thursday, the Central Bank commented saying that inflation hit 181 percent and Venezuela’s economy shrank by nearly 6 percent last year. Despite optimism from the president, analysts are skeptical claiming that modest adjustment will do nothing to save Venezuela’s flailing economy.

Japanese actor killed by fake samurai sword

Actor Daigo Kashino, 33, was stabbed in the stomach with a prop samurai sword, Monday night, while rehearsing an action scene. Kashino was immediately rushed to the hospital and later died. Investigators are currently looking into whether Kashino’s untimely death was an accident or an act of crime.

Explosion hits military vehicles in Turkey’s capital

An explosion hit military vehicles in Ankara, Turkey on Wednesday evening. Twenty-eight people were killed and 61 others were injured in the incident the Turkish military is calling a terror attack. Authorities are of the current assumption that a bomb-laden vehicle caused the explosion.