News Writing Project #2 Information


For this assignment I intend to focus on an article that was published by the Liberty Champion entitled, “Leaping into Lynchburg.” The article is about a Jump Trampoline park being built in Candlers Mountain Shopping Center after Cinemark Movies 10 Theatre declined to renew their contract with Liberty Univeristy. I plan to ask Liberty Students about their thoughts on the closing of Lynchburg’s beloved “Dollar Theatre” and the opening of the Jump Trampoline Park.

I believe this story would be best used in an online format because most Liberty students look for and find out infromation about the University online.

  • Jump Trampoline Park is set to open Sept 1
  • Junp Trampoline Park will be located in Candlers Mountain Shopping Center, which is located less than a mile away from Liberty’s campus
  • The Lynchburg Jump site is going to look like and have the same set-up as the Charlottesville Jump site
  • The Jump park will include a main trampoline area, a trapeze swing, a foam pit and angeled basketball hoops
  • The price for 30 minutes will be $8
  • The price for a hour will be $12
  • Tickets will be available online and reseravtions are highly recommended
  • It is yet to be determined whether or not Liberty students will recieve a discount for the trampoline park
  • Updates on the park will be posted on Facebook and the official Jump Trampoline Park website


I think it would be beneficial to hyperlink the official Jump Trampoline Park website and possibly their Facebook page as well. I would also hyperlink the original article written by the Liberty Champion and WSET News.

For the visual, I would like to include pictures or a video tour of the Jump Trampoline Park located in Charlottesville because the two sites are going to be identical. I would also like to include a timeline of the progression of the new Jump Trampoline Park being built.

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