Why You Should Drop Everything Now and Travel

New experiences are what drive human beings to live. It is how we breath we function, with each waking moment in the day, we experience something. It may seem all the same but there is always something new, so why not make that something new exciting and adventurous through travel? As a travel blogger living in Florence I think you should know the reasons to drop it all and travel now!

The opportunity to immerse in a new culture is life changing, but you have to seek out the opportunities.

Go while you don’t have commitments and it’s fun being poor. When you have a family and kids, bring them along and tell them about your experiences when you travelled the world as a kid yourself.

Write about it. Cliché as it may seem, write about your travels and share them with your friends and family. You could inspire someone to follow your steps. You’ll then be able to remember it in years to come and pass it along to family.

“Not having money” is not a good excuse to not travel. Domestic travel is as rewarding as international. Make small switches to your spending and save like crazy!

Scared or don’t like the idea of traveling alone? Find a buddy and split Air BnB’s to help cost and keep you company!

And if you still weren’t convinced, here are some scientific reasons for you to travel!

Travel lowers stress levels- scientifically! Travel puts you in a good mood, chills you out, and decreases depression.

Travel keeps you fit! Walking around to explore new towns, trying new extreme sports, or going hiking to see the scenic areas around you- travel often forces you to be active in ways you wouldn’t at home.

Those who travel have a longer life-expectancy. Which is great for travellers because it just means they have even more time to travel!

You could learn a new language. Stay with any locals for an extended period of time and you’ll learn some new words, if out of nothing but necessity!

Statistics from Forbes

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