Never Thought of Writing My Autobiography on Social Networking Site but I have to !!!!!!

Hello everyone !!!☺

Well, we all know that it’s very difficult to tell or write something about ourselves especially when it’s on social media. But I’ve decided to share many things here so that I’ll be relieved from the torment I’ve been suffering from a very long time..

Today I’m going to tell my readers why I’m writing an autobiography on this site..

Note: As you are reading this now, you can notice that I’m not a good narrator and it shows that I’m not a professional writer so please try to understand whatever I’m writing in my own words..

You all know that I’m 28 years old (as I mentioned my age in the previous post as well) and 28 years is a very long time for any human being to be matured enough to understand the world but it was not the same in my case… (feeling pity for myself) as I’ve become somewhat matured at THIS age and that too because of unexpected circumstances in my blissful life !

I was just like the other ordinary girls who used to enjoy themselves being who they were until they faced something they had never ever imagined that changed them in entirely a different girl… I have also encountered such an UNEXPECTED and UNFORGETTABLE experience in my life which made me to write an autobiography here.

I know that everyone has their own experiences by which they got matured enough to understand the world but mine is totally a different one..

In this Autobiography, you’ll find many things like ….my childhood, teenage years, childishness, happiness, family, friendship, humour, joy, fun, enjoyment, laughter, jobs, experiences, betrayal, learned lessons, grief, torment, sorrow, pain, injustice, illusions, lies, helplessness and what not !!!

I hope you all will like to know more about my autobiography so keep reading …☺

Thank you for reading my post ! ☺
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