Interviews at the bigger Startup

Let’s look into why I chose to stick with a new small startup while I was being offered much more at a bigger startup. Read the preview at:

I walked-in with my resume in hand and was asked to be seated in what appears to be called as an office of content writing. It appeared more of a working space to me. There were rectangular wooden tables and people were sitting round them on their laptops. Behind a transparent plastic curtain seemed to be stock and planks of some sort.

I was told to wait for the interviewer as it was their lunch hour and she was not there. My interview was scheduled at 3 PM. I reported at 2:45 PM. During the time in waiting, I looked around the place on my revolving chair and saw everyone looking at me.

The walls were tremendously weathered and dull. My chair was placed on the wooden part of the floor; which was connected with their studio (used for photography). The other parts of the floor were again extremely dull. If I remember correctly, they were granite cemented. Mind you, this was the warehouse of the startup.

Summers have started in our city that is Karachi already. It was a hot day. There were 2 split air-conditioners visible to me on a corner of the space. There were some bracket fans high, up distant from each other and from the humans. In short, by the end of the time, I was drenched in sweat.

I found someone who used to study in a different department from my high-school. So, we chit chatted a bit. Then came my interviewer. She asked me to provide her with my resume. As she took the piece of paper, she turned it around and asked if that is all. As my resume is just one side of an A4 size paper. I answered that yes that is all.

She was an extremely friendly person. She asked about my past working experiences and the conversation carried on for a few minutes. In response to her inquiry as to how much salary did I expect; I answered PKR 33,000. Then, there turned out to be an assessment test which I had to give then and there.

The interviewer told me that she is providing me with a fashion product and a gadget about which I had to provide the marketing description. She said that as, I seemed very creative to her so, she has deleted the product specifics and I was allowed to write as per my choice. I was asked to write 3 paragraphs for each and I think 300 words per product as well. The fashion product was a summer flip flop with animal print and I described it in words alluring to attract the women of all ages but focusing mostly on the chic bracket. The second product turned out to be Infinix Hot Note -X551 which I thought was a HTC tab. There was no product specifics provided so, I wrote whatever came in mind.

The lady read my work and commented how she loved it. She said she liked how elegantly stylish I looked and admired my confidence. She told me then and there that she has approved my entrance to the second interview and that her boss would be the one taking it. For this purpose she said, they will contact me. She told me that their starting pay is nowhere more than PKR 30k. As well as, I would always remain in the content department and there is no way possible that they would ever rotate me to any other department. I might however get promotions within the department based on my work. I thanked her and left after saying Goodbye.

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