Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Answering the CFTC Request for Information on Ethereum from a Bitcoiner perspective.

This article is a public answer to the CFTC Request for Information on Ethereum, issued in December 2018.

Purpose and Functionality

Sixty million ether were exchanged for approximately 31,000 bitcoin.
According to data from the crowdsale, more than 40 percent of the ether sold went to the top 100 purchasers. And the three largest purchasers, went home with roughly 1 million ether each. Some critics thought the sale was dominated by even fewer people.
In addition to the 60 million ether sold in the Ethereum crowdsale, another 12 million coins were premined.

That amount represents approximately ~70% of the 104.91 Million Ether in circulation today


This illustrates the problem that blockchain face, also known as the CAP Theorem, you can only get 2 of the 3 properties


Cyber Security and Custody

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