Racing for Change

Hello everyone!

The Wobblers are excited to announce their first charity event: Racing for Change. In collaboration with Main Menu and our sister team, the Wigglers, Racing for Change is a 45 hour charity event to raise money for GameChanger, an organization that focuses on paying hospital bills for children with cancer and other rare diseases.

Main Menu is a team of variety casters and all around awesome people, most of whom we had the privilege of meeting during PAX East. They are always entertaining, playing a large number of games ranging from The Binding of Isaac to Mario Kart to Dark Souls. Their community and viewers always feel welcome and enjoy participating in the streams.

The Wigglers are the sister team to the Wobblers, and have very quickly differentiated themselves and made their own name in the Twitch community. They have a number of talented speedrunners and variety casters, and maintain a friendly and welcoming community. You never know what they’ll be playing next!

Starting on Thursday, April 30th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern and going for 45 hours straight, the event will be split into three hour blocks where groups of two, one from each team — The Wobblers/Wigglers and Main Menu members — will race in a game of their choice on their respective channels, all while doing various donation incentives in order to reach a goal of over $30,000 for charity.

For a list of all the broadcasters participating in the event, as well as the schedule for who’s casting when (and with whom) check out the events page:

And make sure to show some love to all of the broadcasting teams involved:

The Wobblers:
Main Menu:
The Wigglers:

We feel privileged to be working with all the parties involved, and this is an excellent opportunity to raise money for a good cause. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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