Circumvention As Action

Over the past week, I’ve been looking at the forces that Trump is marshaling to do his (and Breitbart’s) bidding and, frankly, been feeling discouraged. More than “discouraged”, I feel like I’m living in the run-up to a 1960’s dystopian movie based upon a Goerge Orwell novel but adapted by morons. Sadly, the inmates appear to be running the asylum.

But I started thinking: what if we could fix this on a local level? In addition to playing “goalie” for the next four years, what if citizens of a like-mind could coordinate the creation of modular organizations to make the improvements our country needs? This isn’t anything new. Non-profits have been around since the dawn of the country. What I’m proposing is the idea that:

  1. Groups of people figure out what they have in common and what they would like to achieve.
  2. Work to create singular, but mutually beneficial, non-profit groups to do just that.
  3. Work with existing non-profits to streamline and coordinate functions.
  4. Build processes for change with an eye towards, eventually, turning maintenance over to permanent, government groups or, if that would be disastrous, maintain these groups with a government-like constitution and set of rules/laws.

Basically, if Trump and his enablers/allies are going to reach for the brass ring and stack the deck against the will of the people, why not organize that will against them in a way that, institutionally, is more difficult to suppress?

I’m a believer in government being by, of, and for the people. But, right now, I’m not seeing that we are existing in that world. Many of those voting for Trump have said that what they want is for their voices to matter. Democrats and Republicans, alike, want to get rid of lobbyists. We want our voices to matter. Now, granted, this can be dangerous (I’m thinking “Tyranny of the Majority”, here) but what if we do our best to actually try and create a government-within-the-state run by those of us who feel Trump does not represent our best needs?

It’s at an early stage of thinking, right now, but I’m starting to get enthralled by the idea.

Here’s your job: rather than say why it won’t work or what’s wrong with this “plan” (which is so vague, right now, it isn’t even a “plan”), tell me what you think this idea would need to succeed. What steps, general and specific, would need to be taken to make this happen. What goals would unify people to work together on this?



Most non-profits are formed to perform a task that the government either can’t or won’t.

I’ve been wondering if groups of citizens could create and/or consolidate non-profits to do what we need instead of Trump and the alt-right.

In short: create the programs we want, locally, despite the best efforts of alt-right lawmakers.

Each could be worked to be modular, working in conjunction, as a sort of government-within-the-government where possible.

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