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When I was little, I struggled with the idea of fate, destiny, and free will. Every now and then, I asked myself how free will and fate were related. I never doubted that we have a free will, but often it seemed to me like we live a pre-paved path leading us to a carefully chosen destination.

Until I turned 21, I kept bouncing between the polarities of being active and applying my free will and letting my life passively flow by because it was already set in stone, or was it?

I know that I’m not the only one who wonders where the free will begins and what the difference between fate and destiny is. It wasn’t until I started shaping my fate into a destiny that I understood their true meanings. And I want to provide you with examples so that you understand what the exact difference between fate and destiny is. …

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What if what you want is possible, but you don’t dare to have it? Perhaps the reason why you can’t seem to manifest your vision is the unconscious choice to live below your potential. While the way to your purpose is paved by embracing who you are and stepping boldly into your potential.

You Were Born Powerful

You were born powerful, but you were trained to deny your power. Just like most of us, when you were growing up, you were conditioned to believe that you were “less-than.” Whenever you shined, someone reminded you to fit in and dim your light.

In those life-changing moments, when you felt inspired to follow your soul, someone told you that your dreams were unrealistic or selfish. Without noticing it at first, you’d started disconnecting from who you truly are until the point that you forgot your true essence too. As a result, you’ve learned to hold yourself back in life and not to embrace your inner power. …

Set intentions in 4 key areas: vision, growth, success, and mindset.

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Did you know that intentions create an energetic pathway for your goals and dreams to manifest?

Some people rush through life without thinking about where they’re going. This opens up many parallel windows through which your energy disperse. As a result, you may not achieve what you wanted. Or you manifest it only partially.

When you set intentions, you create an energetic blueprint for your future. It’s like building a house. You need to start with a plan.

When you set intentions, you’re more likely to stay motivated in the long run. Intentions should come from within you. Not from the outside. You’re the master of your life and the steward of life force energy pulsating through you. …

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It was 2012, and I packed my whole life in one backpack and set off on an adventure in Southeast China. I was looking for a fresh new start, somewhere far away, where nothing reminded me of how my life had unfolded.

The year before was the toughest in my life. What could go wrong, went. I broke up with my back-then boyfriend after spending 5,5 years together. I met the man of my dreams, yet there was no future for us.

But the worse of all was that I knew that day by day I pursued a path that was not mine. Out of fear, I made choices that satisfied others, but I felt like dying alive.

You manifest situations that don’t serve you.

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One of our greatest fears is the fear of potential. Rationally, you’d tell me that you want to succeed and be happy, but you fear your potential even more than you desire to have the life of your dreams.

Often it seems that something outside your control keeps you from the life you want, but it’s only an illusion. The outer reality reflects you that you don’t feel ready for the next level in your life.

The fear of potential manifests through people and unpleasant situations.

I know that consciously, you wouldn’t want that, but your subconscious mind is far greater than your conscious mind. It’s the subconsciousness that runs the show. …

A guide to approaching challenges.

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Sometimes we feel drained, or we face some challenging times and need to get back on the track. If I’ve learned one thing, then it’s this:

Time doesn’t heal anything. It’s the change in you that brings healing.

Don’t wait to feel better; do something about it. Start from the place where you’re regardless of how far it seems from the life you desire.

Wherever you are, honor your journey.

When people face difficult moments, they may feel injustice. …

Do what you were born to do. I know you hear the call.

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Have you ever wondered if you’re a lightworker and what a lightworker is? Our times have been prophesied in many ancient sacred texts as the times when the light returns to the Earth. Slowly we’ve begun preparing for the Age of Light since the period of enlightenment.

Since the 60s, we became more ready, and ultimately we entered the Age of Light in 2012. The year 2012 was highly misunderstood, and the true meaning was covered under layers of fear and control-driven agendas.

Nevertheless, a powerful shift has happened, and many lightworkers have heard the call and started waking up massively. Perhaps you’re one of the lightworkers since you’ve been drawn to this article. There are no coincidences. …

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When someone leaves you unexpectedly, it may hurt, and you may wonder what you have done wrong. The fear-based part of the mind likes to make us feel guilty for everything that goes wrong. But what if it is not your fault when someone leaves you?

What if it is okay that they left you?

Why is it difficult to let go of people?

Many people are wired to receive love and approval from others. When others are happy, they’re happy too. Especially empaths derive their sense of confidence from others, so they try to make sure that everyone around feels good.

When someone leaves you, it feels like you failed.

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Perhaps you’ve heard that we’re the summary of five people we interact with the most. When you think about five of your closest friends and look at your behaviors, you may find some correlations. Surrounding yourself with the right people either elevate you or take you lower.

Do you feel like something is stopping you from your dreams?

The people we surround ourselves with form our mindset. Unconsciously, we pick up their beliefs and behaviors and allow their emotions to uplift us or make us feel worse. Thus, your tribe is important.

As a coach, I often meet people who would love to change their lives, but they feel like they can’t because of their friends or family. …

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It may be scary to open up to the other human being and then be left alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s friendships or romantic relationship. The fear of intimacy is omnipresent.

It’s also one of the topics that people don’t like to admit and talk about. No wonder because the topic itself is already intimate and sensitive. But I can see that being more vulnerable and open in relationships could change our lives. Not just that we would be happy, but we would also feel closer to each other, within our families, friends, and ultimately the world.

Why is intimacy important?

If you find the right partner (important assumption number one), your closeness makes your relationship stronger. As you open up, you keep the love running between you. This is how you lay strong foundations for your future life. …


Sylvia Salow

Soul Coach, Author, Speaker. Remember your essence and step into your highest potential. Lightworker Healing:

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