How to Stop Your Brain From Sabotaging Your Goals
Melissa Chu

Nice article Melissa! I believe that if people understand different parts of their brains then it gives them the opportunity to pause before making decision and see the greater picture.

Our subconscious mind is the one that stands in the way to our dreams. If we learn to work with it consciously, we can get out of the rut and free in life.

Until we allow ourselves to follow whatever our subconscious mind is telling is, we aren’t really free. As it consists of all the lower instincts and conditioning we have received from family and society.

This can be changed by releasing the emotional blocks such as pain connected to certain experiences in our past, as well as, developing neocortex so it becomes more dominant part of brain. Although, it’s seems complicated at first, it’s really simple. The logic here is to retrain our brains in such a way that we link more joy to happiness than suffering ( as maybe counter-intuitively many people do).

Sometimes we link less suffering to being single over the risk of getting hurt in a relationship. Once we become aware of the “patterns’’ our brain is running, we can gain freedom.