Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

So true, Benjamin P. Hardy!! I think that people (mostly men) count on willpower because there are certain things they believe they should do. Even if it contradicts with what they really want.

We tend to live in a patterns created by our ancestors who taught us what is right and wrong and what we should want from life. Thus, we go to the world, do the all seemingly “correct” things and then we end up empty and broken inside. But that is the pattern and the illusion that is breaking us apart.

I believe that the only sustainable motivation is the one coming from a place much deeper within. Call it Spirit, Soul, Higher Self, God, or anything else. The words don’t matter. We can all feel it at times. With a summer breeze, at the dawn, in the arms of a person we love.

All these glimpses of true life makes us feel our deepest essence. I believe that we can feel this essence more often than not. If we choose to. That’s the difficult part, we’re used to live in patterns without ever questioning them.

Do they make sense? Do they make us feel fulfilled? Do they support our dreams?

Instead of pushing ourselves, we need to tap into the space of possibilities, more consciousness, and definitely more love. This is where the true inspiration and “power” comes from.