I’m so enjoying your articles Sylvia! So many great truths!
Nalini MacNab

Thank you so much for your kind words, Nalini.

People wonder why they aren’t happy in relationships or why they cannot find the real love but they don’t understand that this is just a reflection of what is within.

If they don’t love themselves and treat themselves in disrespectful ways then they find partners who mirror this back. I did the same, I didn’t know my worth and was afraid to express what I truly desired so I was in a relationship with someone who was controlling me and manipulating me. A perfect match to my own vibrations.

Meeting a partner of our dreams is mostly deep inner work. When we become the ideal partner for ourselves only then we allow this person to enter into our life.

I know that people want quick solutions but they never bring any satisfaction to them. Then they go and look for something or someone else to fulfill them. Yet the only way is to realize that we all are already full and perfect. Just let the illusions of not being good enough and lovable go away. It’s all just patterns, nothing else.