50 Ways to Live On Your Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

Thanks Benjamin for a great article! For me one of the most important things is to treasure my time and energy. If we don’t where we’re going (and with whom), we easily end up being lost in life. Honoring the time by investing it in things that bring us closer to our dreams is crucial.

Each day we have a certain amount of energy. The more inspiring things we’re doing, the more energetic we feel. The same applies in reverse. The more draining things ( and obligations) we do, the less energy we have.

Many people are waiting for some point in the future to start living their dreams but I believe that it all starts now by being conscious of our time and energy.

If we have depleting people in our lives, is it really worth it? Do we have them in life out of fear and obligation or because we really want to?

Living consciously requires asking yourself questions all the time. Your answers have the power to open your consciousness to yet another level.