What I Believe to Be True — and How I Have Come to Believe It
Daniel Genser

Great, great article Daniel. As an ex JW that woke up 10 years ago, I so relate with everything you said. What I had not done, though, but should have is do deep research as you did. So because of that I still thought in the back of my mind that JWs might have the truth still and maybe “I” was wrong. It’s only about a month ago that I started Googling JWs facts, which I had never done before, that I fully, truly woke up, and was completely liberated. This even after the fact that I had let the cult go and became a life coach and writer. Great Story, and thanks so much for sharing.

Oh, and I also sold almost everything I owned back in the States and moved back to Europe (home) for a while. I traveled through Scotland, the UK, Ireland, Spain and now I’m in France, my home country. Yes, there’s life after the JW cult.

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