Marketing Guru Wanted

Role: Complete ownership of all marketing & PR responsibilities including: research, strategy development, implementation, and analysis.




  • Company brand building: online, special events, PR, conferences, etc.
  • Team member brand building: interviews, reviews, blogs, etc.
  • Communications strategies/events/promotions
  • Manage workflow via scrum chart
  • Report strategy and analytics on a weekly basis to full team
  • Grow into one of the public faces of SymbaSync
  • Manage marketing interns and student consulting teams

Marketing Driven Sales

  • Generate detailed customer personas for potential market entry
  • Develop strategy for market development and entry
  • Create and manage detailed customer engagement workflow and advertising plan
  • Manage all social media platforms to maximize engagement
  • Content creation
  • Responding to comments & likes
  • Boosting content
  • Testing
  • Measure using analytics tools and recommend changes of strategy based on results
  • Ultimately utilize tools and customer engagement to drive user and revenue growth

Product Focused

  • Product Focus Groups
  • Schedule, book participants, and facilitate user focus groups o Record feedback of events
  • Report updates/changes recommended to development team
  • Engage with Organizational users (Primary Customers) o Secure meetings
  • Receive Feedback on improvements o Convert


  • Basic knowledge of excel and word
  • Basic knowledge of scrum charts and scrum workflow
  • Knowledge of social media & SEO, their research tools, and analytics tools including: Google, Snapchat, FB/Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, and LinkedIn
  • Basic knowledge of PR
  • Ability to present in meetings
  • Ability to present in front of large and small audience (pitching events, speaking engagements, etc)
  • Ability to write with business professional etiquette: 8–12 word sentences, concise, brief
  • Ability to blog, create content, and engage with users
  • Potential Tools: Hootsuite, Pixel, BuzzSumo, flibboard, epicbeat, CrimsonHexgon, and more

Most Important Quality: Continuous learning on your own, within the job, and with the team.


  • $18,500 salary, 1-year minimum contract, funded through Scottish Enterprise
  • 5% equity in the company
  • Professional mentorship from a leading Scottish business woman & recruitment leader
  • Travel expenses paid throughout the U.K., U.S., EU, and possibly India (as necessary)
  • Advisement from a leading PhD in Marketing who works for the world’s largest Digital Marketing firm
  • Advisement and time off from work to take the necessary Digital Boost, Google Analytics, and Informatics Ventures courses

In addition, we are currently a part of RBS’s Entrepreneurial Spark Incubator programme and Y-Combinator’s Global Start-up School (Y-Combinator is one of the top 3 accelerator’s in the world).

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