I wish the Movie were — Roti, Kapda, aur Kitaab!!!

Yes I am referring to the iconic movie title of 1974 Roti, Kapda aur Makaan! Yes you read it perfectly right; I gathered courage to change Makaan to kitaab from the cult name and a sarcastic proverb, which it has become.

The word might hardly make any sense to you cause if you are reading this, than thanks to supreme you had the privilege of holding a few of them in your hand, tearing a few apart, carrying them as a load on your back, passing love notes to your crush between them, hiding things which you shouldn’t have been carrying ;).

But kitab does make sense to be talked about in today’s time when we talk about the Whatsapps, the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Tinders and all the other way to socialize we keep on forgetting that we are leaving behind one part of our society too far off with each new broadcast, each new like, each new favorite each new match!

Education is the most basics of human rights. Today we have a nation budding with energy of youthfulness but did we bother to inquire that what is the percentage of educated and I dont mean and wish that somebody just considers primary education as educated the minimum qualification should be changed to at least graduation. We are hoping to be the best economy in this round world but on basis of what? Calling a 7th pass out educated? Yes its a difficult ask, but not a impossible one. When we can eradicate polio, which wasn’t even given birth by us, we can surely make the country and world educated.

Basic education is the primary step for building a successful humanity. It is the pillar on which the strongest and the most harmonious civilizations are built. If today we analyze the figure of India’s education percent rise and the GDP rise you will find a direct relation between them.

Had we bothered to distribute even half the number of kitaabs for free instead having build this concrete jungles we would have taken over the GDP of few countries here and there, we might not have to wait till vague predictions of 2050 for achieving that feat!

The legal age for marriage should be done away with, instead we should have a new system, a system were in graduation should be a barometer for marriage. At least one of the two candidates should have a graduation certificate so that they realize importance of educating their children.

Government bought in a change in company law a couple of years back. A compulsory CSR activity! But they should now take more steps and make it compulsory for directors to have a check on education of the children of people working in the their organization. It should be mandatory that CSR activity includes greater percentage of expenditure on education and related exercises.

Lets not just sit and ponder upon this but lets start changing the mentality, mentality about doubting the importance of Education, mentality about earning is important than kitaab, mentality about holding tea saucer is better than holding a kitaab, mentality about teaching to cook roti is important than teaching 2 x 2=4, mentality about not educating the girl child, mentality about making temples at home but no study room.

Lets change this small illness before it takes shape of cancerous cell and destroys our nation and its youth who shall be the torch bearers of nation in times to come.

Each One Teach One — lets practice this ourselves and make our neighborhood a better place, our nation a better place, our world a better place.

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