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Andrew Sage
Oct 5, 2015 · 2 min read

It is no secret that I like playing with new tech gadgets, so much so that some even joke I’ve got more stuff than some high street electrical retailers. This morning someone asked me how I decide which gadget I’m going to take out with me for the day ahead. I couldn’t answer but I did describe it as a bit like how all the container pods go past for Thunderbird 2 to choose before it goes off on a mission! But it did raise a valid point, just what can I use all these cool things for?

There is an answer, or rather a chance for others to come up with a great answer and help me out. Later this month (24–25th October 2015) I’ll be taking a selection of things along to CodeTheCity 5 in Aberdeen for people to come up with ideas along the theme of Culture.

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Don’t forget to take a break from VR once in a while to get something to eat!

So what fun things will I have? Well since last year I’ve been experimenting with the very nice Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and thanks to the latest updates for Unity it will be nice and easy to create some virtual worlds to explore or visualise some Open Data.

The latest devices I’ve added to my collection is a Project Tango Development Kit. This is an Android powered tablet that can handle motion tracking, depth perception and area learning. It also lets you move around virtual spaces or augmented real ones kind of like VR but without the headset. I’ve not had a chance to properly explore it yet but its indoor positioning technology and ability to scan rooms to create 3D representations to move around will certainly provide great tools for us to try out at CodeTheCity, especially as it is easy to use with Unity.

I’m also thinking about adding music to the cultural mix and bringing along my Electronic Wind Instrument so we can link some MIDI action into the mix. Anyone up for building a virtual holoflute Futurama style?

Mixing the devices with the creating things in 3D means that even someone with no coding experience will be able to help create something.

So why not come along to CodeTheCity and help create something that will let us wander around Aberdeen University capturing things of cultural value into our new virtual worlds? Oh and give me an answer on how to choose which gadget to take out for the day.

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