2017 GRAMMY Nominees at Just Kidding

The very best in family-friendly music, theatre, dance and a whole lot more!

Nominees for the 2017 GRAMMY Awards were just announced and all five Best Children’s Album nominees have performed at Symphony Space as part of Just Kidding! Congratulations to our past performers for the much-deserved accolades!

Explorer Of The World by Frances England
Frances England has a gift for capturing the wonders, simple pleasures, and beauty of childhood through beautiful indie-folk music for the whole family, with influences ranging from Woodie Guthrie and the Carter Family to Cat Power and Yo La Tengo.

Infinity Plus One by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
His albums and shows are a cornucopia of creativity, mixing a wide spectrum of genres into multi instrumental, musically sophisticated, lyrically intelligent house party classics. With an authentic feel that resonates from packed park jams in the South Bronx to sold out shows at The Smithsonian, 23 Skidoo is the pioneer of family hip hop music.

Novelties by Recess Monkey
Known for their prolific, eclectic musical output and contagiously exciting live shows, Recess Monkey strives to strike a balance between kid-centric ideas and musical authenticity. Lyrically, they weave jokes and puns together with universal childhood themes, speaking to both kids and their parents through melodic songs you won’t easily forget.

Press Play by Brady Rymer And The Little Band That Could
Together with his longtime bandmates in The Little Band That Could, Brady Rymer performs rockin’ live music for kids and families across the country at Performing Arts Centers, concert halls, clubs, outdoor festivals, schools, and libraries.

Saddle Up by The Okee Dokee Brothers
This GRAMMY winning Minnesota duo remind children (and their adults) of their intrinsic ability to discover, imagine, and create through music. With witty lyrics, off-the-wall humor, strong musicianship, and a unique folk/bluegrass style, prepare for a hoe-down without leaving the city.

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