Hijinks in the Thalia

For those of you who have attended Uptown Showdown, our comedy debate series, you know that the shows are hilarious, unpredictable, and have often veered into R-rated territory. I definitely had some trepidation when my 10-year-old son Sebastiano said he really wanted to come along. Still, the subject last night was Children vs. Pets (a subject close to his heart) and it is school holidays, so I said, what the heck!

Audience participation usually comes at the end of the show, so you can imagine my surprise when Sebastiano became an active part of the debate. As the only kid in the audience, he was asked (I was going to say dragged… but he really didn’t need much encouragement) on to stage by Jo Firestone to support her argument that pets are superior to children. Throughout the rest of the show the debaters called on him to support their cause, but Sebastiano’s mind was already made up. As we left the Thalia, he meowed his way out the door — can you tell which side he was on?

Here’s a rough clip.

Yet another example of the zany unpredictability of Uptown Showdown. With six comedians on stage, you never know what’s going to happen.

Come and check it out, but please don’t bring your kids!

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