A new chapter

I’ve been known as Spike since June, 2011 and a lot has happened with that nickname.

I met Shadow.

I started graphics design under that name.

I started web development under that name.

I made SpikesGraphics under that name.

and finally I met so many people who have supported me for the longest time.

But, after all these years I’ve changed a lot I’ve became more mature and have tons of goals I’m ready to reach.

Trying to do all of those goals with the same old name was just not possible.

So, let’s just restart all of this k?

Hello, my name is Syna.

I’m changing my name to Syna due to I feel I’m very limited with what I can do with the name “Spike” I’ve had it for too long and I’ve been thinking of doing this for so long finally I have done that.

I plan to be more active in graphics design(even learning 2D as you can see in all of the new Syna work)

I plan to become less shy(with voice)

and I plan to finally have fun..do things I don’t wanna do when I have no reason not to.

I know a name change after having the same name for so many years is hard to get use to but this is a major thing I needed so hopefully you can all understand why I did this and after time you’ll get use to it.

See you soon,

- Syna

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