The Connected OR

Synaptive’s New Series on the Future of Neurosurgery and Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic shift as it transforms from traditional fee-for-service models to value- and risk-based paradigms.

Medical technology companies have an important role to play in this shift, bringing products to market that solve pressing problems, achieve better patient outcomes, and ultimately contribute to the creation of high performing, cost-efficient health systems.

With this shift in mind, Synaptive Medical will launch our new Medium presence tomorrow, with a five-part series on innovations in neurosurgery and healthcare delivery.

We believe that medical device companies must think bigger than individual products or interventions.

We are at a crucial inflection point where rich data, digital tools and collaboration, robotics and automation, AI, and new imaging techniques can begin to work hand-in-hand to drastically alter the trajectory of our health, quality of life, and economy.

How can it all come together? This is the problem innovative companies must position themselves to solve.

At Synaptive, we’re supporting this transition by taking a fresh approach to collaborating with surgeons, researchers, and hospitals to provide first-in-class imaging, mapping, and robotics solutions while collecting and quantifying data. To us, a hospital’s data and its medical devices are interconnected pieces of the same ecosystem. Only when they seamlessly work in fully digital environments is it possible to create and fuel the decision support systems that 21st century healthcare providers need while improving the outcomes of individual people’s lives.

Join us tomorrow for our first piece in this series, where we’ll be delving into digital microscopy and how this platform is set to rewire the neurosurgery OR.

As we embark on this series, we welcome your comments: our intent is to further our relationship with industry by sharing our expertise and vision, listening to your ideas and feedback, and generating valuable insights. In the process, we hope to help shift the conversation toward a more innovative future for patients, clinicians, researchers, and our health system as a whole.


Cameron Piron
President and Co-Founder

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Read the first piece, “Connected data is set to rewire healthcare: Here’s why it’s time to take your microscope platform into the digital era.”

Read the second piece, “Imaging data is revolutionizing healthcare: Is your hospital ready to enter the digital landscape?”

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