Looking back on chats with Libs Elliot on code and generative quilting.

BRC: Could you tell us about your background and how it lead to the work you do today?

LE: I studied photography and textiles in art school back in the ’90s but then took a job in advertising. I managed digital projects for about 12 years and worked with many creative and technical people. It was through that experience and those relationships that I came to the decision to get back on the path I’d started on. I took up quilting in 2009 and made it my full-time gig when I started making the Processing quilts in 2012.

“How’s my Doodling” by Jon Burgerman

The work of Jon Burgerman oscillates between fine arts, urban art and popular culture, using humor as a means of questioning his contemporary environment. He has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Sony, Puma, Pepsi, Levis, MTV and Kidrobot . Defender of the importance of creating and not only consume content, Jon tags his work with the hashtag #ItsGreatToCreate.

BRC: What could you tell us about your background and how it lead to the work you do today?

JB: I come from Birmingham, the UK’s second city. I lived there until I was about 19 when I left to study…

by MiksKS

In a time of heightened connectivity, online collaborative team communication and digital transformation initiatives in data sharing, email remains the most common form of communication and the most vulnerable.

According to data from Juniper Research, this year cybercrime will cost business over $2 trillion, the cost of data breach alone exceeding $150 million by 2020 [1].

Earlier this year, cybersecurity researcher Troy Hunt announced a massive data breach that compromised 773 million unique email accounts and over 21 million unique passwords [2,3]. …

Talks with Brooklyn-based plexiglass artist NORTON

Ghosts in the Machine (Winter) 2014 by Norton

NORTON’s medium of choice is a mixture of drawing and carving, using a dremel and a router to carve lines by hand into large plexiglass sheets, letting light be what illuminates the artwork by casting shadows. What initially comes across as a pencil drawing upon first encounter gradually reveals itself as an extremely unique method, conveying not only the transient nature of each individual artwork (where depending on how the light illuminates the artwork a certain imagery will be revealed) but also the extreme dedication, committment and acute attention to detail each stroke contains…

Branding Design Process, www.synchroma.com

A step-by-step guide to our branding design process

We were recently approached by NY-based seekers of rare seeds and plants to re-design their brand logo. Here is a brief summary of our creative process from ideation to realization.


Prior to starting any design work, we must look at the story behind the brand. Every brand bares its own story, and the starting point for every re-brand project is to review in detail the brand’s history and where to go from there. Once we reviewed the former logo and additional branded materials such as packaging, we are able to layout a detailed venn diagram containing all brand fundamentals (such as target audience, market positioning, etc), sources of inspiration and concepts discussed.

The Lifebox Foundation releases a series of animated videos designed to raise awareness about surgery and safe anesthesia in low-resource countries

More than 5 billion people will never have access to safe and affordable surgical procedures and addressing this issue has become the mission of the Lifebox Foundation — the only non-governmental organization dedicated to facilitating access to safe surgery and anesthesia in more than 100 countries around the world. They have devoted their efforts to building new networks of support through professional, academic and commercial bodies. Whilst wanting to expand their portfolio of educational materials, this organization has used creativity in the form of animation by releasing a series of innovative animated videos in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Amharic…

Lifebox Foundation releases a series of multilingual educational videos to make surgery safer in low-resource countries

Lifebox is a global health NGO with the ambitious mission of making surgery and anaesthesia safer throughout the world. A staggering 5 billion people will never have access to safe, timely and affordable surgery, and the accomplished team behind Lifebox have made awareness a key component of their work.

Lifebox Foundation Educational Videos

They also understand the critical importance of education. Lifebox training materials are designed to help in-country and visiting hospital teams in challenging environments get the most out of the resources they have. …


Designer & Contributing Writer specialized in Digital Creative Content http://synchroma.com • Brenda Roberts Costa

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