Quit Blogging or Start Learning About Your Visitor’s Behavior to Reach Your Traffic Goals

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Lack of knowledge about your visitor’s behavior can cost you serious traffic. 
 But when you are equipped with knowledge, YOU will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Do you want to build mega traffic to your business blog? — Then start learning about your visitor’s behavior.

The first step to building highly targeted traffic is to know where your most valued visitors like to spend most of their time, what do they search online, what do they like, what is their demography and why do they get online?

The age of market research blogger

Churning out hundreds of contents is not going to take you anywhere. Even if you are blogging because you like what you blog about, there are thin chances you will get any traction. This was good and enough back in 2006, because this was all search engines needed to rank you. Things have changed dramatically since then. Today every one is focusing on building long form content, write content that delivers value and practically doing everything to impress search engine. That means today to succeed in a blogging business or in other words to reach your traffic goals you have to look at your visitor’s behavior to learn what you can do news to grab their attention without overly depending on search engines.

Understanding user behavior

Active internet users are spending anywhere between 16 to 25 percent of their time online on social media networks, according to latest studies.

In a report by Digital Future in Focus, more than 90 percent of all U.S. internet users visited social networking sites in 2011. This is a perfect example of a user behavior and if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur whose work depends on internet, you need to have social media marketing strategy in place along with email and other marketing strategies.

Visitor’s behavior analysis

To understand modern visitor’s behavior you should study both, what your prospective visitors do on the internet and what do they do when they are there on your website. You can learn what your prospective visitors are doing in general on the internet by understanding your niche and closely following internet research websites such as Pew Research Center and Internet Society. Understanding this behavior will only help you know what you should be doing to drive right traffic to your website and keep a track of upcoming trend.

Using the learning to your advantage

Understanding modern visitor’s behavior is the key to driving highly targeted traffic. But driving traffic is not the only benefit. Understanding user behavior will help you guide the traffic to take measurable steps that will impact your bottom line in a positive manner.

Whatever is your objective to drive traffic to your website (affiliate marketing, adwords, selling your products or services etc), you will have to use the learning to your advantages.

What you do with the visitors that lands on your page is something worth time spending.

You will have to gamefy the entire system to delicately hand hold your visitor and lead them into taking fruitful actions such as subscribing for e-newsletter, become member or buy a product.

Visitor’s behavior varies from niche to niche. That means users may behave very differently on your blog from how they behave on your fellow blogger, if both the niche are different. There could be many more reasons such as political, geographical, climate etc that may dictate how a visitor behaves on your blog. There are number of tools such as Crazy Eggs that helps conduct study to understand how visitors interact with a website. You can use the information to reach your traffic goals. For example you can understand where your most converting visitors are coming from, how long they are staying, what all pages they are clicking and what’s driving them away.

If there is a language barrier, you can implement a different language, if it’s about pricing, you can further simplify it or provide more options. In nutshell analysis with a clear goal will help you optimize your website to increase returning visits, time spent and actions taken.

As they say — successful websites are never complete

Continuously tweaking and testing various components on your website to see its impact on user behavior will help you garner small wins. Over time several small wins will stack up to deliver real gains. The key is to test and keep testing almost about everything on your website and measure it against factors such as search optimization, traffic quality, conversion etc.

Essential components of an analytics

In the good old days, people used to embed ‘Hit counter’ on your website. That’s was a component to gauge the success of a website. The website that received many visitors was considered highly successful website. Those days are over for a good reason. Now we are living in a time of real analytics which is much more than a hit counter. To better understand the behavior of a user on your website and for clear analysis you will have to consider examining below components.

  • File request — It’s a log that keeps track of every resource that is requested from the server. It doesn’t give clue on the number of people visiting your blog, but it sure keeps track of every file that is requested. It gives a good clue of what is interesting your users most. So you know in what direction you need to step-up your efforts.
  • Page views — Similar to file request, it’s a log of pages that visitors are viewing and their next action. A/B testing or testing with several variant of same page will help you optimize components and associated messages to control the behavior of the visitors to take desired action.
  • Stay time — If visitors are bouncing off too quickly, you got a problem there. Either you are not getting targeted visitors who are genuinely interested in your product or services or your visitors are not able to trust that your website will provide them information they are looking for (may be because of the way it is designed). For visitors that are not converting you really need to re consider visitor’s sources. To fix issues with your website, test every component, every message, color etc with multiple variation and measure visitor’s response to each page. Try to limit your test to just one component per variation. You will never get a good clue of what is working and what is not if you try to measure several components at once.
  • Repeat visitors — This is a clear indication of your website’s success. There are plenty of things you can do to increase repeat visits. You can hook your visitors by signing them up for e-newsletter or two weeks training program or anything you deem fit. But remember to measure whatever you do and keep testing. There is no end to it.


Understanding user’s behavior on a website should be any bloggers top priority. Analytics will help a blogger see things that are not right, for example if an analytics shows that the numbers of unique visitors are growing steadily on a blog, but another analytics shows that users are not visiting any other page on the blog, that instantly raises an alarm. You should use analytics to understand user behavior and promptly make changes in the UI or message or call-to-action or any component and then again measure user behavior to check if business objectives are met. Continuous analysis of user’s behavior will improve any blogger’s bottom line, which is revenue.

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