Why You Shouldn't Use Us to Build and Design Your Website

This isn't even reverse psychology. Even if we weren’t only taking on this type of work by referral only and on a special case-by-case basis, we would still say the same thing.

Here’s why.

Most small — medium sized business, entrepreneurs and internet marketers don’t need anything that is hyper advanced, custom and complex. If you do, then the coming advice probably does not apply to you. If not, then there are so many awesome tools that you can use to create a very visually appealing website and web presence without spending a fortune paying someone else to do it for you.

If you a looking for a simple website to showcase your business, products or services, have a webstore, or to have people interact with you digitally, then there simply is no need to fork out the expense of having someone do it for you. Many web designers and developers are way over priced for what you need and if you have the time, do it yourself. If you can use Facebook, MS Office, your smart phone or a microwave you can build your own website without any tech skills because many great companies have build simple-to-use systems that allow you to use drag-and-drop functionality to quickly and easily create something suitable for your business.

Whew. Make sense? If you don’t have the time, then outsource. There are many great places online to find very inexpensive yet highly qualified help with tasks such as design and development. They use escrow to protect you and the worker. You post a job and people bid on it. They have very advanced and trustworthy rating systems in place so you can pick the person you feel most comfortable working with. Yeah, yeah people always talk about the language barrier but it generally isn’t that big of an issue.

The bottom line is there are too many people who are preying on desperate business owners and charging way too much money. Do it yourself for as close to free as possible or pay someone to do it for you for a fraction of what you would pay an entitlement minded chump from North America who still charges like it’s 2005.