I dream therefore I am

Sat aloft a sea of clouds
The Sun beams down unto a land
With light so bright, the shade must hide
The Sun knows not the other side

Far beyond, where by vision ends
A fight for light has just commenced
While time stands still for those who sleep
Nothing halts Night’s endless creep

The Moon, in darkness, set against
A sky — pitch black — for all extents
The land, a cauldron of black ink
“Peace at last”, she smiles, and thinks

Through day and night, the earth spins round
And Sun and Moon come out to play
In each their worlds, their wants obeyed
Boundaries at Horizon’s haze

Love, respect and dreams all weave
The souls we form from birth it seems
Each bearer has the choice to leave
The limits of their shallow dreams

Most will settle for the one
Singing to their merry song
Marching to the chosen tune
Ruled by either Sun or Moon

In rarest times, a soul does strive
For knowledge deep and high and wide
And walks a path that no-one’d seen,
A way made real by her own dream

And on this path a nomad waits;
Across tall hills and far away
Through forests deep, each single stride
The nomad walks on, close by her side

To songs of wonder weaved from stars
To deep bright skies of silver bark
To snow which shimmers with endless sparks
To a land of trees which light up the dark

A world that puts dead leaves to rest
One with kings with paper crests
The one where walls were made of sky,
Ceilings below, and floors up on high

So many lands that would not have been
Had they not walked the path they’d seen
Wonders unravelled with each stride
The nomad walked on; never left her side

Ruled by both or ruled by none,
Each land they’d crossed was ruled by some
Within each world, a crowd of those
Trapped — dreamlessly — in their homes

Ruled by either snow or stars
Or kings or light or trees or dark
Those who lived, remained inside
And never saw their path defined

The lands of Sun and Moon defined
By all within Horizon’s line
All within but nothing more!
This bore true for every world they saw

And so there is no perfect space
No perfect place, no land that’s
Great, and greater yet, maybe the best?
And never the purpose of this quest

The intent, you see, was to live her dream
To want to see: set her mind free
Her mind set free: chose to see
The myriad of worlds — painted by her dream

In rarest times, a soul does strive
For knowledge deep and high and wide
And walks a path that no-one’d seen,
A way made real by their own dream

They carved a time in that timeless space
That exists in memories time can’t erase
And each step she took was by his side,
The vision of their souls entwined

The world, its lands, the path they chose
They chose the story of their souls

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