How I found Reflective XSS in Yahoo Subdomain

When 2017 started,I had a bounty goal of finding a bug in Yahoo but I never actually got time to look into their program. One day I planned to go for it.So here is the writeup on how I found Reflective XSS on a yahoo subdomain. This is my first writeup so please ignore any mistakes that you find.

First step was to find subdomains on yahoo and the tool I used was Sublist3r(

Once I had the list,I started checking the subdomains one by one.During that time my attention went to one of the subdomains:

There was a search bar on the site to lookup for recipes and I initially tried couple of payloads to see what characters were filtered.For my luck, my inital payload itself worked and I could pop XSS

Vulnerable URL :“/>.<<img src=x onerror=alert(1)//”&gt;>&lt;&gt;&page=1

I reported the bug to Yahoo and the bug was Resolved the very next day.I rechecked the Vulnerable URL and was not able to reproduce the issue.

After 2 days,I was getting Bored and thought about retesting around the same XSS bug.This time I found that <script><img> tags were being filtered.

So I started trying different combination of payloads to see if I can break the URL. To get <script> tag working,I broke it in pieces like below and added that to the old vulnerable URL and Hurray!!!

Payload: <scr<script>ipt>alert(1)</scr</script>ipt>


  • Always Retest your bugs after its marked Resolved.There is a good chance that you will find a bypass.
  • I have seen some folks using tools/scripts to get sublist3r output in hyperlinks format.You can simply copy sublist3r output, paste it in gmail and mail it to yourself to get the output URL’s as hyperlinks.

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