Teleport ETH to Optimism with Teleportr

A cheaper more centralized bridge for small amounts



  • Teleportr is hosted here:
  • The current user interface is a placeholder because we wanted to release this as soon as possible to ease the pain of high fees.
  • The max deposit amount is capped at 0.05 ETH for security reasons. (This will be enough for approximately 100 Optimism transactions)
  • Ethereum contract: 0x324C7ec7fb2Bc61646aC2f22f6D06AB29B6c87a3
  • The smart contract is unaudited


  • The cost of using Teleportr is equivalent to sending a simple Ethereum transaction plus a simple Optimism transaction.
  • At an ETH price of $3100 and a 40 gwei gas price this is approximately $5. A ~7x decrease in gas costs compared to the Optimism Gateway.

How to use

  • Navigate to
  • Connect your wallet (only MetaMask support currently)
  • Enter deposit amount (0.05 ETH maximum)
  • Confirm transaction & wait 21 confirmations
  • Receive your teleported ETH on Optimism in a few minutes 🛸🔴



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