End of an Era.

Its my son’s last day at preschool today. He’s been there for two years (first year was nursery care) but after today, he is done and he starts school officially on Monday. Monday is his first half day without me, then he will have a break for the summer and then he’ll be back at the beginning of September.

It’s like, where did my little baby go? I’m really struggling to believe that he’s four now (it was his birthday yesterday) and that in September he will be fully in the system like the rest of us. I almost want to stand on a pedestal and shout “Someone give me back my baby!” But I know that’s futile and also a little bit silly. All kids have to grow up, heck I’m still trying to understand how I’m the parent to an almost-teenager (daughter is 12…going on 25).

I’m also having a bit of a crisis because it’s graduation week for my university and most of my good friends are there. It feels wrong that I’m going into my last year without them. Who do I call on now for stupid shit or just hanging at McDs after trampolining training?

My life is fast moving on and I guess I can either choose to keep up or leave me behind.

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