Oh shit, it’s daughter again.

“Oh shit, it’s daughter again” is a sentense that is often used by people who don’t want daughters. Daughters are blessings treated as the useless member of a family. Sorry! Did I said 'member of a family' they are not even considered as a member. 
Recently I got to know this from my friend that in their family there is a woman who is pregnant. I was shocked to hear that woman was intending to abort this child if it’s a girl. How shameful is this! Just because she is a daughter. It is 21th century but still that woman is living in an archaic era. And she is really unaware about this that “Angels are often disguised as daughters”.
I literally feel sorry for those parents who think that daughters are burden. because of the continuing prevalence of the dowry system. They think that daughter is a tension. But infact daughters are equal to ten-sons.
Once I asked from my class fellow when I was in 9th class that do you have sisters? he said, yes! When I asked him don’t they study here? He said that they are girls and have no right to study. And they are born to do work only. Why should we waste money on them? These lines of my classfellow really astonished me. It was not he, it was the cheap mentality of his parents.
Daughters are the most precious gift from God. In Islam there is a very high status of daughter. If daughters were not a blessing then Allah would never promise a place in paradise on bringing up daughters. Even our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: lucky is the woman, whose first child is a daughter. So, how could daughters be considered as curse?
There is not even a single day that goes without violence on daughters. In pakistan few days back a woman burnt her daughter alive for marrying against family will. This is not only done in pakistan but almost this happens in every country. 
We have reached the point that we call: Enough! We have reached the breaking point. We are living in a such society where daughters are being murdered in the name of honour. killing daughters has nothing to do with culture, tradition, or religion. It is torture and a crime. It is so called esteem. A So called Society where a daughter is forced to accept the will of her family and if she denies to do so, then she is brutally killed by her own dear relations. This is the darker side of this Society and a bitter truth.
According to a study, around 2.25 million abortions were conducted in Pakistan in 2012. Abortion is not a “social issue.” Abortion is killing. If the practice of abortion continues for next few years, we surely will see a day without mothers and thus no life. So it is clear that without daughters we have no future. Daughters are pillars of society.
We generally feel pround to be a good citizen. But wait for what? To see violence against them. Now-a-days, women are working with men by meeting shoulder to shoulder with their all responsibilities at home. But still daughters are victims. 
On the other side, there do exist such peoples who give lavish lifestyle to their daughters. Because they know the importance of daughter. My bestfriend was the only child of their parents until they adopted a baby girl. Her parents are the perfect definition of humanity. You won’t believe they adore their adopted daughter so much. Even my bestfriend love her more than herself. This is what we call true love. 
My sister is the first engineer of our family. My whole family was against our education. They used to say to my father why are you wasting your money on the education of your daughters? But my father always supported us. He is a hero for us. And today after writing this all. I can proudly say that Yes I am a Daughter.

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