One High School, Two Experiences: Reflections from a Syrian Refugee and her Congresswoman

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Wadad Shares Her Story with Congresswoman Schakowsky

Last week, Wadad Al-Aly met with her Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky, to discuss a number of topics.

Nearly fifty years ago, the Congresswoman attended the same highschool Wadad attends now — Sullivan Highschool in the Rogers Park neighborhood. They found a number of similarities in their experiences, but also spoke about Wadad’s remarkable life journey and everything she’s been through at such a young age. The two built further on the friendship first kindled this past Thanksgiving.

The theme of perseverance was ever-present. Rep. Schakowsky remembered her initial forays into the world of politics, speaking with Wadad about the number of times she pushed forward and tried again to run for public office.

Wedad has had to persevere quite a bit herself — though luckily she now has the help of SCN, Girl Forward, her family, and new friends — having moved 4 times, including after losing everything in a building fire at her last home in Rogers Park.

The conversation touched on the difficulties of transitioning into high school for any teenager, letalone someone with the backstory and courage of Wadad. She was also able to share her story as she drew it herself, part of a project completed with Girl Forward.

Check out the video above, and read Wadad’s story at GF’s website:

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