• James Gibson

    James Gibson

  • Alex Kiltz

    Alex Kiltz

    Early-stage VC @UVC_Partners investing in enterprise software, mobility & industrial technology startups in Europe.

  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Serial Entrepreneur & Founder I Company & Venture Builder I NBA Fan I proud Dad

  • Alex Edelson

    Alex Edelson

  • Lina C.

    Lina C.

    A lot can happen in one hour.

  • Christine Claussen

    Christine Claussen

    Curious Mind, Berlin, Axel Springer, @HarvardHBS | The Internet and Society, Technology, Privacy, Media

  • Henning Wilms

    Henning Wilms

    AI & Power Systems PhD Student @ RWTH Aachen University, Founder & CEO @ ENLYZE

  • mietwise


    mietkautionen einfach gemacht @ https://mietwise.com

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