30+ MS Excel Hacks & Tips

30+ MS Excel Hacks & Tips

Beginner Excel Tips

1. Quick Navigation Tools
2. Rename Spreadsheets
3. Quick Sum
4. Enter Number as a Text
5. Select All
6. Select a Large Portion of Data
7. Insert Columns or Rows
8. Fill with Same Information
9. Copy Entire Worksheet
10. Quick View of Formulas

Intermediate Excel Tips

11. Open Multiple Files at the Same Time
12. Freeze Panes
13. Including Multiple Cells in Formula
14. Include Permanent Number in Formula
15. Autofill Technique
16. Cut and Paste Simplified
17. Instantly Format Multiple Cells
18. Change Columns to Rows or Vice Versa
19. Create a Chart Template
20. Use Filter to See Specific Information
21. Eliminate Duplicate Content

Advanced Excel Tips

22. Shift From File to File
23. Create a Table within a Spreadsheet
24. Select Non-Joining Cells
25. Combine Text in Multiple Cells into One Cell
26. Break Down One Cell into Two
27. Change Case Letters
28. Restrict Input
29. Remove Blank Cells
30. Have Excel Repeat Number to You

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