How To Create an eBook: Part 1

How to create an ebook

Have you ever considered creating an ebook?

On the surface it sounds like an overwhelming undertaking — but with the array of (mostly free) platforms and tools readily available, self-publishing is now very much within reach.

This series of blog posts will address:

Aside from being a challenging and enriching experience, creating an ebook and self-publishing it on a platform of your choice is a fantastic way to:

• Strengthen & expand your knowledge
 • Get exposure for your health coaching business
 • Learn more about your clients’ needs & challenges
 • Share knowledge your clients can use to improve their health
 • Develop an additional revenue stream

Self-publishing is a huge growth market with almost no cost to entry. Add to that the speed at which you can publish your ebook and the fact that you have total control over when and in what format your readers receive your finished work, and you have a viable business prospect.

Embracing the digital approach

One health coach who’s embraced and made a success of self-publishing is health coach, blogger & creator of Wendy’s Way To Health, Wendy Hodge.

In March 2014 Wendy completed Precision Nutrition’s widely-respected nutrition course & decided it was high time she put her knowledge and experience together in her own way — Wendy’s Way To Health was born!

Wendy has so far created three ebooks

How to create an ebook


  • Brekkies, Treats & Snacks Recipe ebook
  • Wendy’s Way To Health e-guide
  • The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

In the latest ‘Becoming a Healthpreneur’ feature, we spoke to Wendy to find out more about what led her to first create an ebook & eventually shift her focus away from 1-to-1 consultations and on to digital products:

Note: (WH: Wendy Hodge, HP: Healthpreneur)

 HP: Wendy, what prompted you to create an ebook & turn to ‘digital products’ in the first place?

WH: There were really two things. As I did my own learning about wellness marketing & online business, I discovered the freedom that selling digital products can bring. The idea of the work-from-anywhere ‘laptop lifestyle’ really appealed to me.

I also began to realise how time-consuming and draining 1-on-1 coaching is if you rely on it as your sole means to make a living. It can also be really restrictive in terms of the amount of money you can earn.

What I grappled with at the start was realising that I needed to create products and automate things if I wanted more freedom, but not wanting to completely lose the personal touch.

HP: How has your approach to digital products and online wellness marketing changed since then?

WH: It’s really been a process of trial & error for me that started with a completely different vision to the one I have now!

When I started my business my intention was to provide 1-on-1 consultations as well as teaching clients to prepare and cook their meals themselves using fresh ingredients.

Faced with the prospect of running and marketing my own business, I became aware of just how important online marketing is. It plays a huge role in my business, particularly now that I’ve decided to take everything online!

HP: Where do you feel you are in the online marketing ‘journey’ and what has your experience been with online wellness marketing as a whole?

I’ve learned a lot in the last 2 years but still feel like I’ve only skimmed the surface!

In that time I’ve:

• Built a website
 • Offered & sold products and services
 • Rebranded & redesigned the website
 • Begun working on a membership site

To be honest I’ve lost count of the number of courses, webinars, masterminds, summits, etc that I’ve done! That’s really the beauty of having the world available to you through a 15 inch screen in your living room. I now envisage my online education as ‘life-long learning’. There always something new to learn or discover.

I was pretty naive in the beginning and didn’t realise what it takes to be found online. It was the classic story — I’ll put up my website and everyone will magically know that it’s there, come & visit and immediately fall in love!

I knew that I would have to do some marketing, but I really didn’t envisage just how much and that it would be such an ongoing (and massive) part of my business.

There are a huge number of people competing for attention in the health, fitness & wellness space. A lot of them don’t last long though, for various reasons. I believe that if you genuinely want to help people, it’s just a matter of working out how to get your message across to the clients that will ‘get’ you and what you’re about — and that’s where marketing is crucial.

Looking back, I’m glad that I didn’t know how much I didn’t know, otherwise I might never have started!

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Originally published at Healthpreneur.