How to make a trendy CV

Last months I had to be the mentor for 2 friends, one russian girl working in IT industry and a hungarian setting up his startup and working in finance. I was surprise when I took a look at their CV, quite old school, remembering me the time I left school and look for my first job.

The CV suppose to reflect our personnality, so it is obvious that people interested in startup or IT, having a fancy Résumé build up using the last cutting edge technologies make sense.

Let’s start with example:

I found lot’s of advantage to use cloud base solution to build my résumé:


You can keep a few version up to date of your CV, that it is not necessary to check dozens of files


It allows to build a custom résumé for each case, by activating/desactivating experience and skills as you wish.


They provide a general impression which has been validated through fast iteration process.

So you can ensure that the result is optimal.

Available tools

From google docs to online tools as enhancv, as for example future ex-Yahoo CEO cv:

I personally use at the moment doyoubuzz, which was introduced to me some years ago in my consulting company:

My own résumé

My second advice, appart using the last technology tools, is to sum it up on one page, except if really needed

As for conclusion, having a fancy CV will not give you a better job, but I believe it can help you to get the job and the salary you desserve.

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