Talking to a Reaper

Jon Grim is graffiti artist who runs a small shop selling paintings to the public. He also displays his phenomenal style and knowledge on his YouTube channels, The Bench and The Artist Block, where he gives amazing feedback and outlandish advice on almost every aspect of graffiti.

1. What are your favorite colors?

My favorite colors are, Burgundy, purple and yellow.

2. Who were some of the most influential artists in your perspective?

This one is a difficult one because obviously the old masters would easily take the cake but then you have people like Bob Ross who have a huge amount of influence.

Not to mention with social media just about anyone can have a good amount of influence with the art they make. So I’m going to say Leonardo Da Vinci, Bob Ross, at the moment Kit King has been very influential for people, and Rime. Rime literally shaped a decade of graffiti with his influence.

3. If you had to give advice to a “toy” or a beginning artist, what would that be?

The best advice for any newer artist would be to draw what you love but keep it simple and focus on learning the basics. You need to learn the basics.

4. What is your favorite type of pen to use while practicing handstyles?

A Sharpie marker will do just fine.

5. Where did the name Giant come from?

The name Giant? I have no idea where that came from haha but the name Grim was something that was sort of given to me almost as an insult. When I was about 12 or 13 my stepfather died and I was given his hoodie. I wore that thing every day for years but it only took a few months before I could hear the other kids saying how I looked like the Grim Reaper and they began referring to me as Grim so I changed my tag name to that.

6. What is your favorite cereal?

Oooo I hate cereal to be honest, cheerios are good with no mild but I hate having to race against my food before it gets soggy. Soggy cereal is the worst.

7. How did you get into graff and why?

Well I was sort of born into it. My father was a graffiti artist and my older brother was too. This tends to give the impression that I’ve been doing it my whole life but that’s not the case. I was always drawing little cartoons and graffiti was simply something I was interested in. It wasn’t until 3rd grade or so when I began doing it. I saw these two throw ups in the school yard and one of them had the Green Lantern logo in the letter. I loved comics and drew comic book characters all the time so seeing the logo in the letter sort of connected the two worlds (graffiti and comics) together for me and that was my entry to graffiti.

8. Adidas, Pumas, Nikes or Jordans?

Hahah I would typically say Timberlands but Nikes are great too. I don’t think I’v ever owned Adidas, Pumas, or Jordans.

9. Did you have a mentor?

Ya, I had two and they were like fathers to me.I had a graffiti mentor who really built me as a person more than anything haha. My fine art mentor was mind blowingly amazing at teaching though. He really was the largest influence on my art and helped me grow as a person as well.

10. Are you a mentor to anyone?

I’ve mentored many people over the years but I’m not currently teaching anyone personally. I guess you can say my videos are peoples mentor now days but I don’t know haha. Thanks for the interview and your time, I appreciate it!