How to give up using alarm and become more productive and healthy?!

Are you still using alarm to wake up in the morning? Do you love when it rings? Probably, most people hate it, but continue doing it day after day.

I’ve used alarm 5 times during my life, but I don’t remember when was the last one!

Is there any secret? Naturally. You need to understand your body and train it to do what you need. That’s all secret ingredients.

Understanding your body

There are couple of questions you need to ask yourself before doing anything:

  1. How much time in average do I sleep during a day?
  2. When do I usually get up and go to bed?
  3. When do I usually become sleepy?
  4. When do I get up when I switch off alarm?
  5. How much time do I need to sleep?

No musts, just listen

Most of people says that they are owls, so they need to get up later than they should. But in reality it’s not true. Just give your body, not social mind right to choose and you’ll see how things change.

First of all a lot of people don’t go to bed in the evenings, because they want to do more, but in reality they are sleepy.

You can be a lot more productive if you sleep when your brain and body needs. If you go to bed when you feel sleepy, as a result you’ll get up earlier without alarm and feeling yourself sleepy.

How much time do you need to sleep?

Do you sleep 8 hrs as it’s said? Or do you need more?

No matter how long do you sleep, it’s more important how deep. Some people need 5 or less hours a day (like me), some a bit more than 8. Just understand it for yourself.

Oversleeping is not good and productive habit. Not just because it steals your time during a day, but as soon as your brain is in some sleepy and lazy state after it.

Dreaming can become like alcohol. A person escapes from reality to dream. As a result he dreams more and more. And finally he ends up with headaches and other somatic problems, caused by it.

So you need to realise how much time your body really need to sleep!

Train internal alarms

Habit is a powerful tool. It can be harmful or delightful. Managing your habits is a must for stressless and productive life.

Each of us has time feeling, a sort of internal clock. We all can tell how much time is left or passed with some precision level. This feeling as well can work as internal alarm making us to get up in time without external one and not sleepy.

Have you ever woken up about 5 minutes before alarm ring? What did you do? Most continue trying to sleep. But what if you get up just after wake up and switch alarm off?

First time you may be feel a bit sleepy some time, but more and more you do it better you feel.

And you end up throwing alarm out! I’m fully honest!


So steps to throw out alarm and feeling sleepy:

  • Listen to your body
  • Go to bed when body needs, not society
  • Get up just after you wake up
  • Train your internal clock

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