How to deal with a broken mind?

Oh well. When I finished school last year i thought everything was done. I had my superpowers and nothing seemed to be impossible. But then something happened, I got a job! Or should I say, Oh snap I got a job?

I am usually a very shy guy, and dealing with people is like not one of my superpowers. But right after finishing school I had a job. At first it seemed like the greatest chance you could get right after finishing school, nice payment, nice role, and it seemed like nice people, also one of my friends from school was hired with me and also I was working on my hometown.

It was all right. Wasn’t it? After a couple of months my idea about that job had totally changed. Payment still good but my job was not really as great as thought. I couldn’t handle it and when I woke up from that little dream. It was too late and my mind was lost and broken. It was lost because I realized that nothing was really done, I mean I still had to figure out where my career was going and blah blah blah, all that stuff that comes with growing up. And it was broken because I couldn’t get to finish any idea, I like to think that I am creative since my work is on a creative field, and until then I had never had the sense of a blurry idea. And then I guess all that got me and I got broken too.

So, how to deal with it?

I constantly go back and forward, back and forward to find what I did wrong and find what I have learned to make better choices in the future. But this time it seemed like I had done all the things wrong. But after a couple of months trying to deal with my heavy soul, someone told me that my mind was broken because I kept on thinking that it was broken.

So, this is what I am doing to get a little better.

1. Start every day with a positive idea

This one was the hardest part. How to create positive ideas if your mind is filled with negatives? I managed to start everyday with a positive idea by choosing a nice song for every week.

Be careful music can affect us both in a positive or a negative way.

It was something I did as public habit but now I do it just for me. I play that song every day. You can choose a song for a whole month if you rather like.

2. Minimize the stress of taking decisions

That was a hard one too since right now we are working with my friends on a project of our own and I was chosen as the project leader.

So I am creating a schedule for the boring things such as a morning routine, maybe also food, exercise, blah blah you get me.

So I am making less blurry decisions now.

3. Maximize the flow of creating

Maybe I could call this “make things even if they are crap”(Lol). Austin Kleon tells it better he says “share something small every day”.

It doesn’t matter what’s what you’re doing every day, you can chose create a funny quote, draw a different butt every day as someone was doing at BuzzFeed, the important thing here is that you get to let your feelings out.

Creativeness is fulfilled with all the ideas that are too weird to say as random sentence so they choose to be a creation


Feelings are the soul of every creation.

If we want to get fancy.

3 (Again). Feed yourself with good stuff

I’ll keep this simple. Feed your mind with ideas, your body with excersise and food and your soul with peace.

5. Be thankful

Make sure that every time you had the chance to say thanks. You did it.

6. Stop making lists to help other people if you’re trying to keep up with life and ….

Well you got me. What you should know is that everything will come to its place once you decide it has to happen.

I won’t try to fix my broken mind since it’s the best thing that could happen.

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