Wendy Landman

Product Development

Get to know TAF Token’s innovative Wendy Landman

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” — Gail Devers

Wendy Landman is the proud Co-Founder of Bitcoin Trend & Forecast as well as the face behind TAF Partner Product Development. Her undeniable passion and dedication have has made her a crucial element to each individual’s journey to financial freedom, patiently guiding thousands of members to date along the path of constant learning and subsequent rewards.

Wendy has an impressively broad skill set which is very handy, too! Experience in IP law, oil & gas mining and exploration, financial investments, HR & business management, HSE, and cryptocurrency training and education form her core skill set. Her experience with professional certifications and degrees in HS&E, Marketing, and Business Management has helped her consistently succeed in her cryptocurrency businesses.

“My involvement with TAF Token as a Partner/Production Development is to engage with partners and teams to ensure new products are managed and driven to success whilst improving existing products for our investors and clients.”

Wendy firmly believes in the potential of staking and IDO investing using tried and tested ways to help many people make profits in cryptocurrency. Knowing TAF is partnered with a trusted company like Bitcoin Trend & Forecast gives great credibility to the future of these platforms to produce successful offerings. Harnessing the proven success of a powerful and experienced team is vital when vetting projects introduced to our members.

“My future vision and hope for TAF is to become the most successful and trusted Staking platform. People need to feel safe using TAF for many cryptocurrencies and this is our main priority.

I’m confident we’ll see success with our Launchpad delivering successful IDOs with visions of very good ROI to those investing in the TAF Launchpad. Our clients and members are accustomed to the best. We aim to deliver quality over quantity far beyond this project.”

Wendy operates as the Managing Partner of Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, is the beloved Founder of HODLNOTS, and is regarded as a key source in decision making and has ensured she is dedicated to the success of this project. To learn more about Wendy, please visit her LinkedIn page.




TAF is a revolutionary token which offers you an exceptional opportunity to earn, save, and spend.

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Taf Token

Taf Token

TAF is a revolutionary token which offers you an exceptional opportunity to earn, save, and spend.

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