Please be vigilant on ANY Social media platform and also on Telegram.

Many people will impersonate BTAF token on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other platforms to try and get your hard-earned money. 😡

We will never ask you to randomly send us tokens, and any giveaways and competitions will always…



Hi Tuffy Fans, here for another FAQ topic!

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In a previous video, we added the BSC network to our MetaMask wallet. Now, how can one import BTAF tokens to one’s Metamask wallet?

Let’s watch it here:

Why do you need BNB to buy BTAF? BNB acts as the “gas fee” required to transfer tokens in and out of your Metamask wallet on the BSC chain, so it’s always important to have just a couple of dollar’s worth of BNB in your Metamask wallet for this purpose!




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