“People come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but only a very small cross section of people are used to sell clothes,” Christina Ashman told BuzzFeed News.

This is how fashion website Wish chose to advertise a pair of shorts designed for a plus-size woman.


And this is what Bristol-based plus-size designer Christina Ashman, who runs the label Interrobang, thinks of it.

Christina Ashman

“I thought it was the worst example of marketing I’ve ever seen!” Ashman told BuzzFeed News, after she saw the shorts image on the Hello Giggles blog.

“If you’re aiming a product at a certain demographic, you should be using an example of that demographic to show how it would actually look on them,” she added.

“Plus-size shorts should be shown on two plus-size legs — not a whole petite body inside one leg.”

Ashman decided to post a reverse of the shorts image, with a small skirt around her thigh, to her Instagram and Facebook “to highlight how ridiculous the original photo was”.

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