TANK RIDERS:What will change in GameFi in 2022?

As NFTs hit the market a few months ago, a slew of retail investors, investors, and established artists, athletes, celebrities and billionaires, from Kings of Leon and Eminem, to Jack Dorsey, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Join the ranks of the crypto project.

And there is a reasonable reason behind this “NFT fever”. As rare, irreplaceable and unique assets, unforgeable NFTs can represent basically anything on the blockchain, from digital art and personal data to in-game items and virtual lands, NFTs provide their owners with Full ownership.

Interestingly, even Visa’s head of crypto recently praised NFTs for their ability to “make crypto cool” and get people from outside the industry involved.

Play to earn games and the rise of GameFi

With the rise of NFTs, blockchain games have finally gained traction, introducing the consumer-friendly concept of “playing and earning”, replacing the widely used but controversial “win-win” concept in the video game industry. “model.

And blockchain gaming is what takes NFTs to the next level. More than just a favorite asset for speculators and collectors, NFTs are now actively exploited by millions of players around the world to enhance their gaming experience.

What’s more exciting is that the two trends of playing and earning blockchain games and DeFi led to the birth of GameFi.

As a popular marketplace, GameFi offers users an excellent opportunity to earn crypto through popular DeFi activities such as yield farming, staking, lending while enjoying immersive gaming. All combined with NFTs, these solutions implement NFTs to expand the functionality of their ecosystem, create sustainable tokenomics and business models, and incentivize player participation.

For this reason, it’s not hard to see that while earning assets account for $25 billion of the $2.3 trillion Crypto economy, 57% of the 197 video game developers in the US and UK surveyed GameFi is most interested, with 58% saying they are starting to use blockchain technology as a solution.

Metaverse’s push to GameFi

With so much pull this year, I don’t think GameFi’s growth will slow down next year. Instead, the trend will accelerate further as Facebook changes its name to Meta and plans to launch its own metaverse.

Simply put, the Metaverse is an immersive virtual world that connects players to do various activities just like in real life. However, users do not need to be physically there, but rather connect through technology in a digital space.

2022 will be another great year for GameFi

Just like this year, 2022 should be exciting for the blockchain gaming and GameFi space.

Over the next year, we will see more and more users, businesses and celebrities join the field, as well as more innovative and creative projects launching their own applications on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, decentralized projects and tech giants like Facebook have officially started a war to conquer the metaverse.

For this reason, we will also see many initiatives and developments in this area in 2022. Numerous blockchain projects will leverage the hype around virtual worlds to attract more users with open, fine-tuned solutions and make clear why a centralized architecture is not the best way to create a metaverse.

With the vigorous development of GameFi and Play Earning Games, users will have more opportunities to earn income while enjoying a unique blockchain-driven gaming experience.




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