10 Ways to Procrastinate During Finals Week

It’s finals week! That means procrastinating studying until the very last minute and then panicking later!

If you need new ways to put off studying, don’t worry! I have created this list of 10 ways to procrastinate during finals.

And yes, I have done everything on this list this week.

1. Write a Blog Post

I’m procrastinating right now by writing this blog post. If you don’t have a blog, create one. WordPress and Medium are the two sites I use. Then you can spend hours perfecting your design of your new blog and planning stories.

My blog on WordPress

2. Create a New Instagram Account

I did this one last night when I decided that I need another account for just my photography. Everyone has two accounts now anyways.

3. Clean Your Room

Nothing like finals week to get you to actually clean my room.

4. Workout

I brought a workout video from home when we moved in and it has been sitting in our DVD case this whole semester, untouched. I remembered why I don’t like to workout today.

5. Watch Netflix

Now this can be a dangerous one. You say you are going to watch one episode, but then that one turns into two and next thing you know it’s late into the night and whoops it is too late to study now.

Photo Credit: quickmeme

6. Online Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner and finals week is the perfect time to do a little online shopping or to plan gifts. Also, you need to find that perfect outfit to wear to the many Christmas parties this holiday season. It’s been a hard semester, you should treat yourself!

7. Watch a Blues Game

Or really any sports game. It doesn’t even matter if you like the sport, it will kill three hours. But if you had to choose a sport, hockey is my personal recommendation. Let’s Go Blues!

Photo Credit: Giphy

8. Have a Dance Party

My roommates and I have had many dance parties in our kitchen throughout this semester. It is a great way to blow off steam and relax. Put on some early 2000 club music and dance your little heart out.

9. Late Night Food Runs

When you do actually start studying, you are going to get hungry. Take a break and go on a late night food run.

10. Think of Your Own Procrastination List

Procrastinate by thinking of ways to procrastinate. And then write those ideas down and share them in the new blog you created!

Good luck procrastinating for your finals!
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