An Insight to Working With Social Media and The Blues

When I first heard about the assignment, I was lost. I knew no one in the industry that I wanted to pursue or really what I wanted to do in my industry.

So, I started thinking about what my dream job would be.

My family and I are huge hockey fans. I would love to be able to work with media or something in public relations with the Blues.

It seemed obvious that I should interview someone who worked for the Blues.

Elise Butler is the social media coordinator for the Blues.

Photo courtesy of Elise’s website

Elise graduated from Northwestern University where she studied journalism and integrated marketing communications.

This is the first season the Blues had a position dedicated to social media. The past two seasons, Elise had worked with the Chicago Wolves.

Late last summer, Elise applied to the Blues and started working here four days before the home opener.

Elise works as part of a four-person digital team. She keeps track of the analytics and the day-to-day aspects of social media.

A lot of what we have covered in #COM188 seemed to apply to this job.

The job involves making sure things are going out, responding to people and answering questions, sending out posts regarding sponsorship or community posts, and posting team news and updates.

Elise says it is a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, but it can be fun especially now that the playoffs have started.

Elise knew she always wanted to a field similar to this.

“I grew up in Minnesota so I’ve been into hockey since I was pretty young and have always loved writing.”

Elise started working in journalism in high school. Then when she went off to college she started branching out.

Social media has been growing so quickly that there have been many opportunities Elise could take.

There are so many directions that people can go in with this skill set.

Elise likes that social media involves a lot of different aspects. There is a creative side with writing posts, design and photography, and there is a public relation side all involved in social media.

Elise has had a great transition into the Blues. It has been a great season and its the teams first time moving past round one of the playoffs in the past few years.

“They are a very friendly and welcoming organization. It’s been a lot of fun and a fun season to start with.”

Since Elise is the social media coordinator she works with various social media platforms. Her favorite being Twitter.

Screenshot of Blues Twitter page
“I think there are a lot of fun engagement opportunities with fans and other teams. I like engaging with other people and the weird things that happen on Twitter.”

And the Blues have had their share of funny moments on social media. The first being an auto correct incident on Instagram that has become their motto for the year, Roar Bacon.

Screenshot of Blues Instagram page

David Backes even brought a pig to Scottrade once.

Screenshot from Blues Instagram page

The most recent thing that has happened and has gone viral is the Blues new fan Tony X. Tony started watching hockey for the first time during game 7 against the Blackhawks and decided to live tweet his thoughts. The Blues took notice and gave him free tickets to the next home game.

Screenshot from Tony’s Twitter feed.

First time watching and he already knows Kane is no good. You can read his other tweets here.

Twitter creates a fun platform to engage fans and be creative.

Elise gave some advice for students aspiring to go into the same career.

“Do as much as you can to intern and work and meet people. Having past experience has been what really helped me.”

Elise started interning the freshman year before college to find out what she is interested in.

Making the connections and learning from people has really helped build up her skill set.

Elise gave great advice that I will definitely be considering in the near future.

I was so fortunate that Elise had the time to be interviewed during this hectic time in hockey.

My dream job would to be to work with the Blues media team. Elise gave me an insight into what that would be like.